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Sunday, March 11- 
Simple Faith

Simple faith does not refer to simple-minded people or simple non-complex life situations. Simple faith indicates full reliance on the gracious will of God when we’ve realized our own helplessness to meet our full need. Tonight we see in the Gospel of Matthew a woman who ran out of human resource for her medical need, and a man who was helpless to help His daughter who had died.

Sunday, March 8- 

God’s Word teaches us that our relationship with the Lord is based on His gift to us of faith. During this Lenten season, as we consider faith in our Lord Jesus, we will look at some of the wonders, blessings, and challenges that living by faith includes.

      There is nothing more out-of-human-control than a storm at sea; and likewise, there is nothing more helpless than a boat being tossed by the waves in a storm. It's a vivid picture of being completely subject to circumstances that are outside our control. And so, it's a perfect illustration of being suddenly caught at the mercy of trying, difficult, or even dangerous circumstances - circumstances in which we are helpless to do anything but cry out to God. His call to us, in the midst of the storm, is that He has absolute control over all that comes our way – and that we trust Him and lean on Him as our strong and all-sufficient Help.

Wednesday, March 4
Expectant Faith

Here in the Gospel of Matthew we find the first example of many where Jesus points out a person for their faith. There is something about the centurion that Jesus is pointing out here.

      He had expectant faith. The centurion submitted to the authority of Christ, knowing that Jesus’ power was beyond Jesus’ direct physical proximity. He allowed the authority of Jesus’ Word to be his guarantee that what was needed would be done. He confidently expected that the miracle would happen.

      The centurion asked Jesus to carry out the miracle without demanding His physical presence. Think about it – that’s the same way we must relate to Jesus today – expectant that He’ll carry through on what needs to be done for us though we don’t see Him physically present! In other words, seeing is not believing...but rather believing is trusting in and submitting to the authority of God with our lives.

Sunday, March 1- 
What Matters Most.

 When Jesus told His disciples and all who listened to Him to “seek first the Kingdom of God,” it seems pretty clear what Jesus is saying matters most in a life of faith: The eternal things of God take priority over the temporal things of this earth. And yet, doesn’t faithful living as God’s children call for us to place our full trust in every aspect of His provision – even the blessings that last only for a season?

Wednesday, Feb. 26- Ash Wednesday
When Faith Is Tested.

In tonight’s Scripture reading from the Gospel of Matthew Jesus faced the temptations of Satan. He made it clear for that the Word of the Lord stands as the firm foundation for a solid life of faith in the face of testing. One temptation we face is the accusation from the Evil One is that the guilt of our sin places an insurmountable barrier between us and God.

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