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Joining Jesus On His Mission

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Joining Jesus On His Mission -

Seeking What Jesus Is Already Doing - January 19

Jesus is on a mission to redeem and restore all people to Himself; that all might live under Him in His Kingdom. He has come into this world in human flesh to accomplish His work of salvation. He is even now continuing to bring His presence and activity among us through the power of His Word to change people’s hearts to trust this Good News. Yes! The Kingdom of God is near! AND – He’s using you and me to be part of this process.

Today’s teaching for Jesus’ disciples (you and me) is about seeking the opportunities we are given to be part of the work of His Kingdom.

Joining Jesus On His Mission -

Mission Mindset Changes - January 12

So, as we talked about last week, we see that we’re invited to get started together on a mission trip to our own neighborhoods in sunny Sioux Falls. In fact we learned that the mission itself isn’t even our own design – it belongs to Jesus. We are on this mission trip of sharing Jesus’ love every day with people.

Yet we sometimes scare ourselves out of being “in mission” to other people because we're afraid that we don't have enough expertise to do all the right things. It might be that very fact, however – that we don’t do all the right things – that makes us most qualified to be part of this mission. We DO know what it is to live as people forgiven by Jesus. Combine that with a few connections to other people, 24 hours each day to be alive, and we’re well on the road with Jesus in mission!

Joining Jesus On His Mission -

What's Jesus Up To? - January 5

As we look at what it means to join Jesus on His mission, we will first need to know what it means to be a missionary. Over the next few weeks we will learn how to shift the way we live, work, and play to join Jesus on His redemptive mission.

This week He invites you to join Him. Now, He does not give you a mission to do for Him. But rather, He is on a mission and invites you to come with Him.