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Joining Jesus on his mission

Sermon & Bible Study Series

January 5 - February 16

Sunday, January 5

January 5 - Sermon
"What's Jesus Up To?"
Pastor Doug Slavens
Jesus Journey.jpg

Sunday, January 12

January 12 - Sermon
"How Can It Be That Simple?"
Pastor Aaron Asmus

Sunday, January 19

January 19 - Sermon
"Everyday Life In His Kingdom"
Pastor Aaron Asmus
January 26 - Sermon
"Simple Mission Practices"
Pastor Doug Slavens

February 2 - Sermon

"Simple Mission Practices - Part B"

Pastor Doug Slavens

February 9 - Sermon


Pastor Aaron Asmus

February 16 - Sermon

"Mission With A Little Help  

From Our Friends"

Pastor Doug Slavens

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